Corporate Cars Recruitment

We are always looking to attract owner/drivers and drivers of the highest calibre and you will require to conform to our standards as our clients expect the highest standards from us:-

  1. You will  require to be well groomed even in the middle of the night, wear a white shirt, tie, dark trousers and dark shoes. If a coat or jacket is required it should be in keeping with our dress code of clean, tidy and sombre.
  2. Your vehicle needs to be licensed with MSDC clean, well maintained and without advertising or decals.
  3. Your attitude to the clients needs to be respectful and they should be addressed as ‘Sir’ or ‘Madam.’ (The colloquism of ‘mate’ or anything similar will not be tolerated.) You will be expected to open the doors for them and look after their luggage.

Our client base is expanding with new corporate and community clients and we have work for the right drivers with the right attitude.

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